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BYU-Idaho student attends inauguration

Written by Cinthya Rubio and Victoria Bulson President Donald Trump’s Inauguration at the capitol building in the District of Columbia on Jan. 20 elicited diverse reactions across the country. Protesters, both peaceful and violent, were seen on the streets of the District of Columbia. Social media exploded with commentary of the event. Trump’s inaugural speech,... Continue Reading →

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Can Rexburg afford married students?

Married students at BYU-Idaho are struggling to find housing in Rexburg and are having to look for housing outside of the city. Cami Kubie, manager of Central Park Apartments said she has seen an increase of married couples looking for housing recently. “We definitely always have a wait list and we had quite a few... Continue Reading →

Family Crisis Center losing funding

Written by Cinthya Rubio The Family Crisis Center is facing funding threats along with other non-profit organizations. The Family Crisis Center was founded in 1987 and began as an effort to bring services closer to local communities, according to the Family Crisis Center website. Sheridan Hartman, a junior studying early childhood education, said having the Family... Continue Reading →

Sanders campaings in Idaho Falls

Written by Cinthya Rubio and Mike Reyes IDAHO FALLS — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders held a rally with over 3,000 people in attendance on Friday, March 18, in Idaho Falls. The Skyline High School auxiliary gym filled to capacity, having about 150 people turned away due to lack of space. With the Idaho caucus being... Continue Reading →

Men experience domestic abuse too

Written by Vivian Campos and Cinthya Rubio Editor’s note: Names have been changed for safety and privacy purposes.* The last time James’ fiancee gave the engagement ring back, he decided he would not fight to keep her any longer. James Lawrence*, BYU-Idaho alumnus, said he first met his ex-fiancee in Rexburg while attending BYU-I. After one... Continue Reading →

Discrimination of minorities in Rexburg

Written by Vivian Campos and Cinthya Rubio. *Editor’s note: some names have been changed for safety and privacy purposes.* Coming from D.C., Jamal Taylor did not think he would be treated differently just because of the color of his skin. Taylor, an African-American and a sophomore studying communication, was shocked by the way he was... Continue Reading →

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