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My name is Cinthya Rubio, I am 22 years old and I am a Senior at Brigham Young Universtiy-Idaho. I am a Communication major with an emphasis in journalism. I currently work as the news editor at BYU-Idaho’s Scroll newspaper, and next semester I will be the Editor-in-chief. I have worked at the Scroll for five semesters. I was a news writer when I first joined, then I became assistant content curation editor. I became content curation editor the next semester, then I was an assistant news editor.

I was born in Mexico City, but my home is El Paso, Texas. I have two younger sisters, and I love to be outdoors. I played many different sports when I was younger such as; soccer, tennis, swimming, and gymnastics. I have played the viola since I was in the fifth grade. I was in the middle school, high school, and city orchestras.

When I graduate I want to move to a big city like Los Angeles or New York and work for a year or two, and then I want to move to London to get a masters in international relations. My main goal is to cover international news for BBC.


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